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Copilot Taxi Child Seat

Copilot Taxi Child Seat


We've been selling the Copilot Taxi child-seat for over 10 years.  It's easy to use, safe for your children and compatible with most of the rear-rack-mounts on standard bicycles.  Our favourite feature of the Taxi child seat is that it mounts to a rear luggage rack (included) and can be removed when the seat is not in use, freeing the luggage rack for other uses. 

• Removable and washable, thick, full coverage seat pad
• Quick-release grab bar and 3-point harness
• Enclosed foot wells with spoke guard
• Additional security strap limits rearward seat movement
• High sides and setback with molded helmet rest
• Quick-release mounting system
• Blackburn Luggage Rack (tubular aluminum) included
• Carries a one-year limited warranty

Please note that sipping costs for this item many vary more than other items due to the large box that it ships in.